Ryan G. Wilson UX Leader

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Work Examples

Leader, Educator, Mentor, UX Generalist

I am comfortable taking a project from end to end. I have applied my experience and skills to projects for clients like Yum! Brands, Lowe's, and Kroger – working through the UX process to be a champion for the user and recommend and iterate through the design of products. I believe that the best way to create products that people will use is to talk to them, understand their needs and difficulties, and develop requirements that speak for those users. As a lead on most of the projects I've worked on, I take responsibility for capturing information, mentoring processes, making decisions, and guiding cross-functional teams towards success.

UX Case Studies

Below you will find case studies representing my UX / Product Design work. I have led many end-to-end projects for many well-known clients. In some of these case studies, due to NDAs and personal respect, I cannot share explicit details and images. However, through these case studies, I want to communicate the value I provided to users, stakeholders, and businesses and represent the value I added to my clients, company, and team. See out-of-context examples of deliverables I have created.

Deliverable Examples

Here I am showing examples of my work through documents and deliverables provided for projects. These are out of context, so understanding each project is not fully communicated through these examples. I share these examples to convey the quality and breadth of my work and experience. If you are looking for detail on how I would approach an end-to-end or Discovery project, view my case studies.

Leadership & Mentorship

Project Kickoff

Research & Design

Mockups & Prototypes

I am also interested in other things. I love writing HTML and CSS (as demonstrated by the website you are looking at now). I am a screen printing hobbyist. I have been working in and refining my graphic design, animation, and motion graphics skills throughout my career. I share these skills because they frequently spill over into my UX and product design work.
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