Ryan G. Wilson UX Leader

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Projects Overview


Product Designer – Andy Kim

This Project Represents

  • Performing the end-to-end UX process
  • How efficiently I work
  • How I collaborate with stakeholders and teams
  • My focus on creating user-centered products
  • User testing in person and remotely
  • Prototyping in Axure
  • Creating, scheduling, running, and analyzing user tests


A client came to us with an idea and wanted to create the "Uber for Trucking." There is a problem in the trucking industry that is specifically painful to independent truckers and small trucking companies. When driving a fully loaded trailer from, for example, Chicago to Dallas, there is no efficient way to book your trailer to be refilled on your return trip to Chicago. Driving an empty trailer, called 'deadheading', is costly for two reasons; you have to pay for the gas to get back home AND there is no load to deliver and get paid for when you arrive home.


  • Owner-operator truck drivers
  • Small trucking companies
  • Dispatchers
  • Logistics Specialists


  • Short timeline – We had three months to get from Discovery to MVP launch. MVP launch corresponded with a trucking trade show
  • Product conception and decisions had to be made quickly
  • Remote user testing with some users was complex; it relied on the user to be able to join from a laptop, know how to use video chat, and knowing how to share screens


  • I worked in tandem with the Lead Developer to vet concepts and align expectations for the build. I made myself available for clarification outside of the documentation and chipped in by writing HTML (Stache) and CSS (LESS) for the project
  • I established a great relationship with the stakeholder, making it easy to reach out for answers and/or to get confirmation on direction quickly
  • I front-loaded testing information like where the prototype was hosted and what devices would be required when recruiting testers. I planned for extra time for base-level technical support


The truck driver user spends most of their time driving. We are creating a mobile application to assist them in filling their trucks, yet we don't want the user to interact with their mobile device while driving.

Value Provided to Users

  • Provided a solution for users to backfill their trailers
  • Gave users the ability to combat "deadheading"


In three months, we took the stakeholders idea from concept to MVP and had the product in the Google Play and App stores before the first day of the trade show. I provided a highly polished application ready to sign up users at a trade show. My work helped the stakeholder promote the concept, getting more seed money for the project, and capture users signing up for the service when the app was rolled out.

Along with all of the product design work I:

  • Refined the HaulHound logo
  • Created all in-app icons
  • Prepared App and Play store graphics
  • Developed marketing and presentation materials
  • Created trade show backdrops
  • Designed motion graphics and promotional videos for display at the trade show

External Files

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