Ryan G. Wilson UX Leader

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Projects Overview

Johnson & Johnson

Product Designer – Acorio

This Project Represents

  • Performing the end-to-end UX process
  • How efficiently I work
  • How I collaborate with stakeholders and teams
  • My focus on creating user-centered products
  • User testing internationally, across time zones
  • Prototyping in InVision
  • Creating, scheduling, running, and analyzing user tests


Johnson & Johnson had an internal ticketing tool, yet their employees were calling customer support for help with issues that the automated ticking tool could support at a high rate. The client wanted to decrease the number of calls into the support line and increase usage of the automated ticketing app.


I was engaged for an eight-week discovery phase to identify the requirements for refining an internal ticketing tool. I began by performing at two different sets of user interviews and user observations both onsite at a J&J facility in New Jersey, as well as remote interviews and observations with international J&J employees.

It was my intended goal to make recommendations to streamline the ticketing process, however, I found that many employees were not aware of the availability of the product, or had a negative relationship with the ticketing application.

One of the difficulties I encountered on this project was that the team I was working with did not fully realize the UX process and saw my role as recommending visual UI improvements and redesigning the product page by page.


  • I worked a flexed schedule to accommodate meeting times with international testers
  • I worked with translators provided by J&J to assist during user testing to help when translation was needed
  • I advocated for the UX process, gave demonstrations in team meetings to support my methodology, and hosted UX training sessions to support changing minds
  • I compromised in my UX process, making sure to provide high-fidelity visual representations to satisfy the stakeholder while still doing the right thing for the UX process in the background

Value Provided to Users

  • Captured a detailed understanding of what users are looking for in a ticketing system
  • Increased awareness of self-support
  • Recommended a streamlined user flow to reduce time to report an issue
  • Recommended uniform design patterns to increase usability of UI


  • I created and vetted improved user flows that would be more user-friendly, would direct users to use the self-service documentation, and empower users to find solutions before contacting the support team
  • I created and tested an updated wireframe prototype concept
  • I performed heuristics reviews and UX design reviews of the product
  • I provided high-fidelity mockups for screens that needed improvement based on patterning and similar components identified in reviews