Ryan G. Wilson UX Leader

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Projects Overview

Iris Home Automation

Product Designer – Lowe's

This Project Represents

  • Performing the end-to-end UX process
  • How efficiently I work
  • How I collaborate with stakeholders and teams
  • My focus on creating user-centered products
  • Writing HTML (Stache) and CSS (SCSS and LESS)
  • How I help identify beneficial solutions for the stakeholder and the users


Bitovi was hired to build the web app for running, reviewing, and setting up rules for Lowe's Iris home automation products. As Product Designer, during our engagement, a team member and I noticed that there was no direct way for users to purchase products through the web application. Instead, users would have to navigate away from the Iris app to lowes.com to find and purchase additional home automation products, resulting in lost sales and a user flow that lost customers


The group at Lowe's that we were working with was not directly related to the eCommerce project. We had to get introduced, prepare a presentation that outlined two possible solutions, and present to a different team and stakeholders to get buy-in and approval.


Bitovi had already been building the web application, so we knew what the possibilities were in integrating product sales within the product. Working alongside a developer, we created two optional flow solutions that we took to the client for approval.

Value Provided to Users

  • Improved retention of users to the automation site
  • Increase sales of products by allowing purchase in-app


After a successful presentation, the client chose the in-app purchasing path and we began planning for implementation and integration on the product.

External Files

Bitovi Development Case Study