Ryan G. Wilson UX Leader

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Projects Overview

Menu Management Tool (MMT)

Product Owner & UX Consultant – Yum.dev

This Project Represents

  • Performing the end-to-end UX process
  • How I capture and disseminate information
  • Collaboration across brands, teams, and pods
  • How I approach simplifying complexity with a focus on making a better experience for the user
  • How I support building teams and mentoring others


Yum! Brands assembled a team to help in the research and creation of a menu management tool (MMT) for the brands they operate (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell) to use. I worked as the Product Owner for ~9 months on the MMT tool project before migrating to overseeing the product design and user experience research. I also helped:

  • Perform user testing for the next-gen Taco Bell point of sale (POS) system
  • Helped write UX job descriptions, review applications, interview, recommend for hire, and mentor and onboard new hires
  • Ideate and iterate a new concept for a logic-based tax creation tool

NOTE: I can not publicly share a visual representation of this product.


The users for this product are data managers, store owners, general managers, customer support staff, marketing coordinators, and tax professionals for major restaurant brands.


The problem the project needed to solve is to create a single tool to manage all of the data that makes up products, menus, discounts, pricing, taxes, store data, etc. for KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell – US locations, to be rolled out internationally in the future. Each brand has its own glossary for how they refer to things like products, discounts, etc.


  • I spent time understanding the previous product and created documentation to help onboard new team members as Yum hired more staff
  • I worked with stakeholders to create a glossary that worked as a translation matrix and reference
  • I familiarized myself with the software and methods of input for each brand and created documentation with video examples that would live with the product to support knowledge transfer and onboarding
  • I advocated for the UX process and showed value in the role. I helped Yum.dev hire additional UX resources and replaced myself when I rolled off
  • I refined the product to work for the users, providing visual cues and textual support where needed

Value Provided to Users

  • Creation of a single-source product for all brands to update menus, products, deals, coupons, store details, and depletion information
  • Improved user flow through the system
  • Single location for cross-brand customer support
  • Improved tax creation system See Matt McDole reference


  • Worked with stakeholders across multiple brands to help to define feature timelines for the MMT product
  • Created documentation to live as a central source of truth and support project onboarding
  • Defined initial interface patterns for MMT product
  • Assisted in sprint planning, writing user stories, and pulling together resources for issues
  • Worked alongside stakeholders, BA’s, Tech Leads, POs, and Developers to define and align project needs
  • Researched, ideated, and iterated through features with stakeholders, vetted with developers and users
  • Deveoped concepts for the complex Tax Logic Builder feature
  • Helped to build & mentor Yum.dev’s UX team
  • Helped Bitovi create a lasting relationship with Yum