Ryan G. Wilson UX Leader

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Projects Overview

NRE Labs

Product Designer – Juniper Networks

This Project Represents

  • Performing the end-to-end UX process
  • Collaborating with stakeholders and teams
  • My focus on creating user-centered products
  • Performing user surveys, interviews and observations
  • User testing in person and remotely
  • Prototyping in Axure
  • Creating a living style guide in HTML and CSS (SCSS)


The client wanted to improve their information/marketing site as well their application, an existing product that helps users train to be Network Reliability Engineers (NREs). I engaged with the client starting with a Discovery phase, documented here.

I performed user interviews, two different heuristic analyses, a user flow review, an aesthetic review, and a responsive design audit.


  • Student users want to take training using their mobile device
  • Trainer users want to offer multiple environments for students to test in
  • The stakeholder wanted to combine their marketing and training sites into a perceived single experience


  • Created a basic living style guide to transition and conform marketing and training sites towards
  • Identified the need for an in-depth accessibility (a11y) review
  • Created issues and solutions for fixing the website responsive design
  • Made a strong recommendation for performance improvements
  • Offered recommendations for improvements of the training application based on review and user feedback
  • Created concepts for a mobile training layout

Value Provided to Users

  • Identified that student users wanted the ability to access NRE Labs courses on mobile devices, allowing people to take courses when they have available time (e.g. during a train commute)
  • Created design concepts for mobile training layouts
  • Provided recommendations and designed concepts to be able to have the ability to have multiple resource tabs open for a course, decreasing screen real estate and streamlining training
  • Created a uniform look and feel across entire NRE Labs infrastructure, visually reassuring users that they are still within the same product


In a six-week discovery of the NRE Labs application and website were able to come back with an actionable list of requirements to for a refinement phase, including 40+ points for refining the product in the next phase, high-level website design concepts and aesthetic design requirements including.