Ryan G. Wilson Product Designer

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Work Examples

Yola Yoga (nda)

Role: Concept Designer


Yola Yoga (nda), 2018

Created for: Bitovi

Project Phases

Concept Design


Research, Sketch, Axure


Yola Yoga is a placeholder concept for a client who asked not publicly share information about their application. While we can't share information about the real client's product, we can say that it is an innovative, online, remote training method that has benefited many during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Problem Statement

How do you reach and share information with users that are across the world? Our client had a unique solution that follows strict privacy laws while still allowing real-time video training and student engagement. We helped out client realize this concept as a usable product.


• Video training must be secure
• Video training Trainers must have access to review their videos from home, even if the video was recorded on a device on location
• Starting and stopping video recordings and taking still images from the camera feed must be simple and hands-free
• Multiple video sources may be provided to the outgoing main feed


We had a long term relationship with this client and wanted to recommend some functional and aesthetic improvements to their product.


The client loved the proposed concept design. They have used the screens and updated flow to help generate more interest and funding for their product.