Ryan G. Wilson Product Designer

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Role: Product Designer


Andy Kim, 2016

Created for: Bitovi

Project Phases

Discovery Phase, Product Refinement Phase, Product Support Contract, Product Review Contract


Axure, Sketch, Ilustrator, Stache, HTML, LESS


The client approached us with a concept - Truck drivers lose money whenever they have to drive home with partial or completely empty trailers – how do we help them fill their trucks?

In three months, the client wanted to unveil a solution at a trade show. In that time, we delivered a fully-functional mobile app in both Android and Apple app stores.

Problem Statement

Truck drivers lose money when they have empty space on their trucks. Driving back to home-base with an empty trailer is called 'deadheading'. Not only does an empty truck mean that there won't be a paycheck associated wit delivering goods, but also the cost of fuel on the return trip.

HaulHound had the idea to build an application that would be 'the Uber for the trucking industry'. This application would give truck drivers the ability to fill a portion or all empty space in their trailer using a mobile and web-based logistics search engine. Users can search and schedule pickups in their destination city so they won't have to drive back empty.


The users of HaulHound target the owner-operator truck driver.


The truck driver user spends most of their time driving. We are creating a mobile application to assist them in filling their trucks, yet we don't want the user to user their mobile device while driving.


In three months time we took the stakeholders idea from concept to MVP – but really more than that. In three moths time we had a highly polished application ready for users to be rolled out at a trade show. Along with all of the product design work, we helped to - Refine the HaulHound logo, develop marketing materials and trade show backdrops, and create 3D animations and promotional videos for display at the roll-out trade show.

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